Working with Us

 1. We prepare the following documents as part of our service to you.

  • Voluntary Petition

  • Schedules A though J inclusive

  • Summary of Schedules

  • Debtor's Declaration

  • Statement of Financial Affairs

  • Mailing Matrix of Creditors

  • Statement of Intent

  • Means Test

  • All required local forms

 2. To begin the process of working with us start here.

Our standard turn-around time is 3 days from receipt of your information. Emergency situations requiring a 24 hour turn around will be accommodated upon request at no additional fee.

3.  We will contact you, or the client if you prefer, to gather any missing information. However, if you want us to contact the client, please let the client know they will be hearing from us.

4. You will receive an email draft of the documents for review. After you approve the draft we will finalize it. It is then ready for filing with the bankruptcy court.

5. We will also file the documents for you electronically at your request. The additional fee for this service is only $25.00.